Hey!  I'm Tanya.
Flowers, design, dogs, margaritas, tacos & craftanoons make up my life almost daily...   The beach, ocean  or any form of salt water is my absolute happy place that speaks to my soul & I must go often.   I'm slightly obsessed with beautiful buildings, gardens, pretty courtyards,  hopping on planes, nature, summer & parties!

I grew up all over New South Wales & Queensland before my family finally settled on the Far North Coast of NSW in my early teen years.   At 21 I had one of those 'what am I doing with my life moment' (I feel like anyone can relate!  And yes, I still have them.) ...  following that, one thing led to another,  and I was moving to Sydney, in love and starting my dream business - Oh Flora. 

When it comes to my design work, I'm a big believer in taking cues from nature and incorporating seasonal beauty into my floral design.  Sometimes I'm feeling romantic and abundant design, other times I love to be a little wilder and artsy.   My creative direction designs more often than not  include floral & natural elements along with inspiration from travels, photography, art and fashion - and right now, I'm obsessing over 70's vibes!   I love to create an experience for my client and their guests, I really want them to feel something from the design they are engaging with.   I strive for the design process to be an easy  collaboration between myself and my clients, ending in a result of truly intentional and thoughtful details that represent the host well. 

I'm very thankful and proud that a majority of my work comes from word of mouth and extremely happy clients passing on their experience with friends and colleagues.  
 I look forward to wowing you with my work too! 

Tanya xo