3 things you 'should' be doing to prepare for every wedding


It’s been super busy here working on a whole bunch of things and exciting projects for Oh Flora in 2019. I promised this post a little while ago on Instagram stories and I finally got around to writing these notes down for you…

All of these tips will likely be useful to any wedding professionals or those heading into the industry - not just florists!

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1. Create a timeline

Even if it’s a small event, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of creating your own timelines for all the work you and your team will be doing leading up to the event day and of course, for event day itself.  Here’s what we generally include in our timelines for every event. 

  • Sourcing & ordering flowers and supplies

  • Prepping flowers ready for arranging

  • Staff times and which designs they’ll be working on 

  • When certain arrangements will be created, for example: 
    Centrepieces might be Thursday and bouquets on Friday afternoon.

  • Bridal party delivery time for both bride & groom
    Tip: it's a good idea to include the address you’ll need and the amount of time it’ll approx take to get to each location

  • Bump in times & actual start times for: ceremony, cocktail hour, reception

  • Finish times & bump out times for each of the above 

  • You an even allow time on your timeline to take photos of your arrangements and bouquets before they head out the door

    Depending on the event, we might event get more detailed, but this above is our starting point.

    Tip:  Include a contact list of any vendors you might need to liaise with on the day and of course always get a couple contact numbers from the bridal party or friends close to bride & groom.
    We usually get 2 x bridesmaids numbers + 2 x groomsmen numbers + either mum or dad depending on the situation. 

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2. Preparation

Prepare EVERYTHING you can prior to the event day.   This might seem obvious, but seriously, you want to make a list of everything you need to do the week prior to an event, or even earlier and tick off all the non perishable things!

For example, we’ll will always:

  • Prep & iron ribbons for bouquets

  • We’ll prep vessels, cut chicken wire, tape them

  • Fill water vials

  • Wash, rewash or dust bud vases and candle holders. 

  • Reconfirm timings with bride, groom, venue or planner - you never want to worry them close to the wedding day

  • Fill the van with petrol

  • Sometimes we even fill buckets of water the day before market day

  • Set up work areas where possible

    Anything at all you can think of thats not fresh product, DO IT BEFORE!! 

3. Familiarise yourself with the venue and even visit prior if you can.

I always encourage a site visit now as I believe it’s an essential part of bringing together the inspiration for the flowers and design. It also makes the day much easier on you, your mind and staff if you know where to go, where to park, unload and who to liaise with when you arrive on site. 

There might also be issues that arise with your pricing or proposal to your client, and you’ll be able to update this well ahead of time, making sure you can deliver what you’ve discussed.
You don’t want to get to the venue on the wedding day and the entry way is actually twice the height you has quoted on (and bought enough for) simply because it hadn’t been measured properly.

I understand this might not work for everyone, but I will say, if you are doing an installation, please make sure you either visit or insist on the event coordinator to send you a lots of detailed photos of the space, hanging points, hooks and beams.  Also ask for a video.  There has been just so many times in this flowering journey that I have regretted not insisting on a site visit because it can just look so different or the situation might not be how you imagined it. 
This is also why when doing any form of installation, we’ll usually bring many many things we wont actually use, but you never know… and you need to work fast, you likely wont have time to head to Bunnings!

I hope these quick tips help you to feel a little more confident and prepared for your next wedding or event!

I’d love you to leave a comment below and let me know if these tips were helpful for you or suggestions on new blog posts.

Merry Christmas & I’m sending you all the love and good vibes for the New Year!!

Tanya xo

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