TUTORIAL // Fresh Flower Garland

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Summer is 110% my favourite season and I'm pretty excited for it's arrival!!  Summer calls for some fun, fruity, tropical inspired styling thats most of all simple.. there's to many G&T's calling your name!

Here's a simple garland that's super easy to make and works beautifully in a casual setting and also looks gorgeous if you're getting all fancy.. Either way, I hope you're making a punch! 

HUGE thank you once again to Sophie for these incredible images, you are THE BEST

 Styled by Tanya of Oh Flora
Photography by: Sophie of The Littlest Things



How many bunches exactly will depend on how long you’d like your garland and how dense or sparse you’d like it to look.  3 bunches will give you about 1M-1.5M. (we used three bunches or about 30-40 flowers). This type of garland works best using rounded shaped flowers. Choose flowers that won’t wilt to quickly.  We used double daffodils & ranunculus.  Roses and carnations also work beautifully!

-Long upholstery needle
-Scissors or flower snips
-Clear fishing line

Chop the flower heads off, leaving about 1cm of stem.

Thread your needle with a couple of metres of fishing line.  Cut the line from the reel and tie a big loop.  It’s always best to have to much too much fishing line than to not enough!  You can always make the garland shorter when finished. 

Gently thread your flower heads along the fishing line.  Pierce the needle through the remaining stem you’ve left on your flowers.  This will give you more movement throughout your garland and the freedom to move the flowers around a little when styling on the table. 
If the stem breaks, simply thread the needle through the centre of the flower.
hen you’ve finished threading all the flower heads on, cut the remaining fishing line to your desired length and tie a loop. 

Enjoy!  Style your garland along a table like we’ve done here or they also look gorgeous when hung.  We styled the table with mini pineapples & tea lights - always beautiful! 

Tip:  You can make your garland the night before, gently wrap it in tissue paper and leave it in the fridge until you’re ready to set the table!