Here’s what past attendees had to say!

Thank you so much for an amazing few days in Byron. Your generosity in sharing all you know combined with your gorgeous, bubbly personality made it so wonderful to attend and I'm so grateful. I learnt so many great things, and to be involved in the dinner party installation process was amazing. Food, company, flowers, venue, wine.....all amazing.

Thank you for all the little gifts too, was like Christmas! And to have one of your beautiful vessels is so special (it was cradled like a baby all the way home! )
- Zoe, Zoes Little Flower Farm

Tanya is a superstar! I attended Tanya’s “Wildest” workshop in New Zealand and came away feeling very inspired. She is hugely passionate about what she does, and is very open in sharing her experience and knowledge with other aspiring florists
- Katie, Botanical Bee

Tanya is an amazing teacher. she is incredibly talented and generous in sharing her knowledge with her students. I attended her “Wildest” workshop and learnt so many new skills. I highly recommend anyone from beginner to advanced taking a course with Tanya.
- Kristin, ADM Flowers & The Floral Collective

I had such an awesome time! Thank you for sharing all your time and energy. Its going to influence so much of my work, both business wise and creatively!
- India, Thea Flora

Highly, highly recommend Tanya’s workshops! She is professional, has the best eye for detail & is just the loveliest person - she makes you feel very comfortable! I went to her Tuscan Summer workshop, and the only bad thing was that it didn’t go long enough! It was Ama zing opportunity to be apart of!
- Jessica Newell

Thank so much for sharing your passion and skills! It was a truly incredible experience and has really inspired me to have more confidence and grow as a florist. your attention to detail made it such a magical day!
- Lauren O’Toole

Tanya was so generous to share her own experiences and business skills on the floral industry, we learnt a lot! Such an incredible day!
- Pantone Florist

Still smiling! I had the privilege of attending Oh Flora’s Refine workshop. We indulged on food and wine, enjoyed flora demonstrations & made our own centrepieces. Great business and floral discussions & we all joined in to create a hanging installation & stunning tablescape. It was so lovely to meet all the different flower lovers, who were at different points in their floral careers. And it was incredible to meet Tanya! She radiates positive energy and is a wealth of information! So honest, fun & bubbly. Her team were so lovely and welcoming and you felt at complete ease in a room full of creatives. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!
- Jasmine, As Sweet As Jasmine.

I just wanted to thank you, I had such a wonderful time at the worksop! I learnt so much and it was so great to watch your creativity in action. Your creative visions really are amazing, that hanging installation was incredible! I’ve wanted to go to one of your workshops for a while and I’m so glad I finally have. A dream come true! Thank you so much! Absolutely loved it!
- Annaliese Oberaue

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